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The Lovers Small Sculpture

The Lovers Small Sculpture

Inspired by the Pre-Islamic mythical figure of remote tribes of Afghanistan, every piece can be indivually tailored to accommodate your taste and preferences, in terms of colour, size or meaningful details that would make your piece truly yours alone. A perfect gift for your significant other, be it for Valentile's Day or an anniversary, it would make a very special present.


Formerly known as Kafiristan (land of the infidels), Nuristan is a remote mountainous part of Eastern Afghanistan, where several ancient tribes have lived and flourished in isolation. They are thought to be relics of an original Indo- European population secluded in the mountains up until the 1890s when they were forced by the then Afghan Emir, to convert to Islam. It is at this time that the region became known as Nuristan (land of light). As pagans with their own ancient belief system, they carved images of their gods in larges figures out of tree trunks. They developed their own chip carving techniques using simple tools and local timber from the surrounding forests. The black and white image is of a such traditional statue. 


The sculptures presented in this and the Clan collection combine influences from Central Asia to modern artists in the West. Partly inspired by mythical figures and cultural artefacts of the Pre-Islamic cultures of the Nuristan region of Afghanistan, and partly by sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, this collection brings together and draws inspiration from disparate sources. The colours and patterns reflect influences from the nomadic cultures of West Asia.


All Lazo Studio pieces are made to order and each is completely unique.


The price quoted is a guide and is subject to change depending on individual specifications. Quoted prices exclude VAT, for UK sales a 20% VAT is applied.This piece can be designed and painted to client specification.


If you would like to commission a piece like this, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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