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Sunflower Bookcase

Sunflower Bookcase

Sunflower Bookcase

The design of this handcrafted bookcase is inspired by shamsa, the intricate miniature sunburst elements often used to illuminate the holy book. Carrying a symbolic meaning, the shamsa is often highly decorative, small in size and two dimentional. In this piece we have converted it into a two metre diameter, three dimensional functional piece of furniture. Taking the the idea of the little sun emanating light literally, we have incorporated small light boxes fitted out with LED lighting. Thus, the shamsa, a symbolic decorative element in Islamic Art normally often used to illuminate the holy book, is now a large bookcase that holds many books. 


This wall-mounted large piece of sculptural furniture is both decorative and functional, suitable to adorn any ceremonial space. The carving designs inside the square boxes, meant to hold books, are a floral Timurid design. The rims of the boxes are enhanced by intricated Nurestani carvings (Afghan chip carving), while the light boxes are covered with a contemporary interpretation of traditional Jali lattice work.


Although we have made many versions of this over the years, this original piece with a lapis lazuli inlayed central element was first made as part of an exhibition at Leighton House Museum in London. Here you can see a time lapse of us intsalling it in place. And here is an interview about the piece at the time of the exhibition. 


All Lazo Studio pieces are made to order and each is completely unique.


The price quoted is a guide and is subject to change depending on individual specifications.


If you would like to commission a piece like this, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


American Walnut

Lapiz Lazuli

Led Lighting

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