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Piled Up Coatstand

Piled Up Coatstand

Occasionally after a rainstorm we walk through the parks of London and collect broken branches with the intention of giving them a new life in someone's home.  Hand-carved and hand-painted, this totem pole sculpture doubles as a coast stand. Carved out of a single branch, the curvature, idiosyncrasies, and imperfections of the raw timber dictate the design and the final form. The carved timber is then french polished before it is hand painted with accents of bright colour. Truly unique, once these quirky piled up characters make a corner of your home theirs, you will never hang your coat in the same way again.


All Lazo Studio pieces are made to order and each is completely unique.


The price quoted is a guide and is subject to change depending on individual specifications. Quoted prices exclude VAT, for UK sales a 20% VAT is applied.This piece can be designed and painted to client specification.


If you would like to commission a piece like this, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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