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Black & White Jali Screen

Black & White Jali Screen

Flat wooden jali lattice screens are often seen on doors and windows of houses in the Islamic world. Traditionally they regulate the sunlight shining into the houses while at the same time allowing for ventilation and providing privacy to the inhabitants (in particular the females) indoors. 


This handcrafted piece, consists of hundreds of pieces of hand-joined strips of wood. The patchwork composition incorporates several traditional Central Asian wooden jali screen designs (top and bottom rows) while experimenting with more contemorary tessellated geometry in the middle part, turning them into lattice work. To achieve the gradation from white to black in the central panel, the artisans had to carefully select various shades of walnut before processing them. The frame is intricately hand carved in the basket weave Nuristani design. 


This large jali panel can be used as a partition screen indoors or serve in its traditional function as a screen on a large building aperture. Smaller versions of this can make up a folding screen. 


All Lazo Studio pieces are made to order and each is completely unique.


The price quoted is a guide and is subject to change depending on individual specifications.


If you would like to commission a piece like this, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Black and White Walnut

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