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Lazo Studios Summer Pop Up

Lulucurations is a group of designers and makers that specialise in bringing together beautifully curated collections of apparel, jewellery, and accessories and now art works. We're very excited to have been invited to take part in their Pop Up @lulucurations showroom from May 12- June 9 at 65 King's Road, Chelsea, London.

If you are looking for something unique, well made and colourful, come inside and have a look around. 

Special Promotion

As part of a promotion campaign in celebration of the launch of our website, for the duration of this pop up you can purchase key pieces of our artworks at a special price.

Please come by and meet the Clan in person. As part of this special promotion we have also made a new Piled up Coat Stand and some small accessories around the theme of the Clan for this special event.

And last, but not least we are also launching our exquisitely detailed sculptural armchair and dining chair the Cuniform Collection, which you will be able to view and sit on if you care in the area during the Chelsea Flower Show.

We hope to see you at Lulu's.


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