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Design Inspired by Islamic Tradition - Study Day

In this study day, leading experts discuss key aspects in the development of design resulting from the reinterpretation and adaptation of Islamic tradition into contemporary approaches and forms. Design in the Islamic tradition was far from being a mere decorative tool. Its mathematical principles were one of the features that first spurred the craze for collecting Islamic art. This craze was particularly visible in Britain in the 19th century, propelled by personalities like Owen Jones or Sir Frederic Leighton. We will also discuss how design rooted in Islamic tradition continues to inspire contemporary practice among craftsmen and designers from the region.

A Webinar

hosted by Birmingham Museums

The event was moderated by Mariam Rosser-Owen, Curator in the Middle East section of the Asian Department at V&A, and the speaker panel was formed by Melanie Gibson, Senior Editor at Gingko Library Art Series and Trustee at the Leighton House Museum, Kathryn Ferry, independent art historian, Naseer Yasna and Hedieh Wojgani, founders of Lazo Studios, and Rachel Dedman, Jameel Curator of Contemporary Art from the Middle East at V&A

You can watch the even and leave comments here.


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