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Commissioned artworks 

Lazo /ˈlaθo/ 

noun: archaic form of lasso - is a Spanish term referring to the knots often observed in Moorish and Islamic designs.

Lazo Latest:

Homo Faber Season's Greetings, December 2022

The right blend of the scent of freshly carved wood and the sound of hammering, still transports me back to the workshop in Tehran where I first learnt carving as a fifteen year old ...

Handcrafted with heart and passion

Lazo Studios is a design and wood crafting atelier based in London. We draw on our experiences and knowledge of time honoured practices and craftsmanship to create intricate artworks and artisan woodwork with a modern twist.

We build on traditions and adapt them to present contemporary and fresh work. Our works range from a single sculpture, to larger interior design elements and bespoke, unique furniture. We call our furniture pieces functional art.

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Dates for new workshops to be announced in the new year

More soon...

I’m a trained architect, designer and fine artist, but have spent the better part of a decade working with artisans in Afghanistan and West Asia. We are a team with complementary skills and outlooks. That’s what draws us together to collaborate successfully...

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